Which Statement Best Explains Federal Grants That Cover The Costs Of An Education?


Similarly, Which statement best explains scholarship that cover the cost of an education?

Which of the following statements best describes educational scholarships? They are often based on performance.

Also, it is asked, Which statement best defines a grant quizlet?

Which of the following statements best describes a grant? A grant is money given to a student by the federal government.

Secondly, Which statement best explains a Tuition?

It aids in determining if a student need financial assistance. Which of the following best describes tuition? Tuition is money given to a student by the federal government.

Also, Which statement best defines Tuition Edgenuity?

Which of the following best describes tuition? Tuition is the cost of attending school lessons.

People also ask, Which statement best describes how federal student loans are different than private student loans?

Which statement best reflects the difference between federal and private student loans? A fee levied by a lender to compensate for the expense of providing you with a loan.

Related Questions and Answers

Which are costs of a college education?

According to data reported to, the average cost of tuition and fees for the 2021-2022 school year is $43,775 at private colleges, $28,238 for out-of-state students at public schools, and $11,631 for state residents at public colleges, when looking just at schools ranked in the National Universities category.

Which is the best description of how a scholarship differs from a federal education grant?

Grants are based on need, while scholarships are based on merit.

Which is a true statement about the trend in higher education costs?

Higher education expenditures are continuing to climb and causing challenges for students, which is a valid statement regarding the trend.

Which best describes the difference between a grant and a loan?

The most significant distinction between a grant and a loan is repayment. A loan, unlike a grant, compels you to return the money you borrow. Grants are effectively gifts. They are, in other words, non-repayable.

Which explains Laurens error?

Which helps to explain Lauren’s blunder. Lauren made a mistake in step 3 by failing to remove the costs from the revenue. What is the difference between on-the-job training and vocational school? The worker is normally responsible for paying for vocational school.

Which describes a set amount of pay received by a worker over the course of a year?

Which of the following best depicts a year’s worth of compensation for a worker? salary. The criteria for a profession as an athletic trainer and an air traffic controller are compared in this table.

Which best explains whether the family will have enough money in four years?

Which of the following best describes whether the family will have adequate money in four years? The family will most likely have sufficient funds. They will have amassed $19,200 in savings and interest.

How are loans and grants different quizlet?

What is the difference between loans and grants? Grants are similar to presents, however loans must be returned.

How is federal loan different from a private loan for an education?

The main distinction between federal and private loans is that federal loans are supplied by the government, whilst private loans are offered by banks, credit unions, and other financial organizations. Each has its own qualifying requirements, application procedure, and terms and conditions for student loans.

Which is an example of why higher education typically has a positive return on investment ROI )?

Higher education loans often provide a positive return on investment since you are developing skills and job experience that will help you earn more money in the future.

What is the advantage of federal loans over private loans?

Private lenders often only make short-term payment concessions; federal student loans provide income-driven repayment alternatives that may result in payments as low as zero. The COVID-19 student loan forbearance does not cover private student debts.

Do private loans have origination fees?

Although some private loans do not charge origination fees, federal loans have a lower interest rate and are thus less expensive altogether.

What is an origination fee on a loan quizlet?

What is the origination fee on a loan? A cost of one point, or one percent of the loan amount, is usually charged. Its goal is to reimburse the lender for the time and money spent examining and concluding the loan.

Why are college tuition costs rising?

Demand is increasing, but supply is limited. Students will pay more in tuition as a result of the pressure to seek higher education and the competitive admissions process, forcing universities to boost their costs.

What do colleges use tuition money for?

How Do Universities Spend Their Funds? Nonprofit schools and universities must reinvest their profits in school initiatives such as scholarships, financial assistance, and sports. For-profit universities are not compelled to put 100% of their profits back into the institution.

Why does college cost so much?

There are several causes for this, including increasing demand, more financial assistance, reduced state financing, rising administrative costs, and bloated student amenity packages. The most costly universities, such as Columbia, Vassar, and Duke, will set you back well over $50,000 a year in tuition alone.

How do grants differ from scholarships quizlet?

What are the differences between grants and scholarships? Grants are based on financial need, and you must complete out a FASFA and apply for them. Scholarships are awarded based on merit, and you must apply for them. You can get free money from the government to pay for college if you fill out a FASFA form.

What is the number one way to apply for grants which grant program is considered the foundation of financial aid offered by the federal government?

What is the most common method of applying for grants? Which of the federal government’s grant programs is considered the cornerstone of financial aid? -Federal Pell Grant: This is the cornerstone of financial help, on which all other aid is built.

Who is considered a first generation student?

A first-generation college student is someone who grew up in a household where both parents did not attend a four-year college, where one parent only has an AA, or where one or both parents tried but did not complete college.

Which explains how advances in online education will most likely affect the cost of higher education in the future?

Which describes how developments in online education are anticipated to effect future college costs? Online education will most likely lower expenses and provide accessibility for a wider range of students.

Which statement best describes county governments?

Which of the following best defines county government? A mayor and department chairmen supervise them.

Which explains how US tariffs affect the price of Chinese in US goods?

Which illustrates the impact of US tariffs on the pricing of Chinese and US products. They raise the cost of Chinese commodities while lowering the cost of US ones.

Which statement best describes a grant?

Which of the following statements best describes a grant? A grant is money given to a student by the federal government.

What is the difference between a forgivable loan and a grant?

It’s more of a gift with conditions than a loan since the debt is usually repaid if all of the terms are satisfied. If the terms are not satisfied, the loan must be returned, often with interest. It may be seen as an incentive for the borrower to perform or meet a lender-set target.

What best describes a land grant?

A land grant is a gift of real estate – land or its use rights – provided by a government or other authority as an incentive, means of allowing works, or compensation for services to a person, often in exchange for military service.


The “when a student enters college, tuition is the” statement best explains that federal grants cover the costs of an education.

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The “benefits a worker receives from an employer typically include” is the statement that best explains the Federal Grants. Reference: the benefits a worker receives from an employer typically include.

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