How to Make Balloons in Minecraft Education Edition

The How to Make Balloons in Minecraft Education Edition blog walks you through the process of creating balloons using the Education Edition of Minecraft.

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In Minecraft Education Edition, balloons can be made using the following materials:
– 1 piece of string
– 1 piece of paper
– 1 pair of scissors

To make a balloon, start by cutting a piece of string that is about 2 feet long. Next, fold the paper in half and cut out a small circle. Once you have your materials, tie the string around the center of the paper circle. Make sure the string is tight so that the paper doesn’t fall off. Finally, blow up the balloon and tying off the end. Your balloon is now ready to be used in game!

What You Need

In Minecraft Education Edition, balloons are made with static electricity and are used as a decoration or to mark a player’s location.

To make a balloon, you will need:
1 block of wool
1 piece of string
1 piece of paper
A charged creeper

The Process

In order to make balloons in Minecraft Education Edition, you will need the following materials:
-One block of obsidian
-One piece of string
-One piece of coal
-One piece of redstone dust

First, you will need to create a workbench in order to craft the balloons. To do this, open your crafting menu and place the obsidian in the middle slot. Then, add the string to the left slot, the coal to the right slot, and the redstone dust to the top slot.

Once you have your workbench set up, open it and select “Balloons” from the list of options. You will then be asked how many balloons you would like to make. The maximum amount you can make at one time is 16.

After you have selected the number of balloons you would like to make, a crafting menu will appear with instructions on how to craft them. Follow these instructions carefully in order to make your balloons successfully.

Once you have crafted your balloons, they can be placed in any empty square on the ground. When they are clicked on, they will float into the air and can be used for decoration or for transportation purposes.

Tips and Tricks

Making balloons in Minecraft Education Edition is a great way to decorate your world and add some flair to your builds. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get started:

1. To make a balloon, you will need 1 block of slime and 1 block of string.

2. Place the slime block on the ground and right-click on it with the string.

3. Your balloon will appear! You can now move it around by holding down the right mouse button and moving your cursor.

4. To change the color of your balloon, left-click on it with a dye. You can use any color of dye, including black and white.

5. To deflate your balloon, simply left-click on it with an empty hand.


We hope you enjoyed this quick guide on how to make balloons in Minecraft Education Edition! As you can see, it’s a relatively simple process that can yield some very impressive results. Be sure to experiment with different colors and designs to create unique and eye-catching balloon displays within your world.

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