How to Make a Glow Stick in Minecraft Education Edition

Learn how to make a Glow Stick in Minecraft Education Edition by following these simple steps.

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In Minecraft Education Edition, you can make a glow stick to see in the dark. To make a glow stick, you’ll need light levels below seven, a prismarine shard, and an ink sac.

What You’ll Need

In order to make a glow stick in Minecraft Education Edition, you’ll need the following materials:

-1 piece of string or yarn
-1 block of obsidian
-1 piece of redstone dust
-1 slime ball
-1 glowstone dust

Once you have gathered all of the materials, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Place the obsidian block on the ground.
2. Place the string or yarn on top of the obsidian block.
3. Place the redstone dust on top of the string or yarn.
4. Place the slime ball on top of the redstone dust.
5. Finally, place the glowstone dust on top of the slime ball.

The Process

Making a glow stick in Minecraft is a simple process that only requires a few items. All you need is water, a light source, redstone, and a bit of patience. Here’s how to do it:

1. Start by filling a glass bottle with water. You can find water Sources nearly everywhere in Minecraft, so this shouldn’t be too difficult.

2. Once you have your water-filled bottle, add a light source to it. Glowstone dust works well for this, but you could also use a lantern or other light-emitting block.

3. Now that your light source is in the water, it’s time to add the redstone. This can be done by surrounding the water bottle with redstone blocks or by placing redstone dust directly into the water.

4. Once you have added the redstone, simply wait for a few moments and your glow stick will be ready to use!


In conclusion, making a glow stick in Minecraft Education Edition is a great way to add some fun and excitement to your game. With a little bit of creativity, you can create some amazing effects. Be sure to experiment with different sizes and shapes of glass bottles to see what works best for you.

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