Save Energy at School

The Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity offers a full suite of energy efficiency programs for Illinois public sector facilities. Your school may qualify for any or all of the following ILLINOIS ENERGY NOW programs:

Free Products & Services

  • Savings Through Efficiency Products (STEP): Sign up for a free on-site school assessment and receive high-quality, easy-to-install energy savings products.
  • Assessments: Learn more about how your school facilities use energy and opportunities for improvement with a building energy assessment tailored to your needs.
  • Tune-Ups: Retrocommissioning can help identify measures to improve the control, scheduling, and operation of school building systems. Customers can also focus on heating system efficiency, with a comprehensive boiler tune-up.
  • Technical & Application Assistance: Includes school building design review and consultation, guidance and consulting for energy savings performance contracts (ESPC), assistance with rebate and grant applications. 
  • Training & Education: Online trainings, in-person workshops, and certification courses, for a wide range of energy efficiency topics; includes rebates for national Building Operator Certification training.


  • Standard & Custom Rebates: “Menu” of rebates for energy efficient products (examples: lighting, HVAC), or a rebate of $0.12/kWh and $2.50/therm based on annual energy savings.
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP): Rebates for CHP projects that increase energy efficiency.